Gaming is a huge industry with a huge profit margin, especially in Brazil – the 13th largest games market in the world.1

Brazil also dominates the IT sphere. In the past year, Brazilian internet usage has experienced a colossal growth rate, making it the 4th largest online population.2

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I’m Nilton Junior, the guy responsible for making your product look good. As an avid gamer and IT enthusiast with over 20,000 hours of translation under my belt, I won’t just translate your materials word for word without any consideration of your product and how it works. I will get to know your game, app or IT merchandise as if it were my own. Then I will translate your materials so that they speak to the Brazilian Portuguese-speaking audience, using technical terms and lingo specific to the country. The end result? A growing demand for your product and huge profit opportunities.

From one gamer to another, the game isn’t over until it’s completed.

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