Brazilian market

Here are a few quick facts you need to know about Brazil’s digital market:

0 million
smartphone users2
Over 0 million
internet users3
0 + million
social media users4
0 million

Why translate your product or service into Brazilian Portuguese?

The Brazilian market is huge. In gaming and IT alone, the demand for digital products and services in Brazil is booming and by the looks of it, it won’t be slowing down any time soon.

According to PagBrasil, 68% of internet users have purchased a product or service online in the past month.4

Clearly, there’s a huge audience readily available to you… if you’re keen on getting your share of the cake.

As the 13th largest games market in the world,1 being the largest games market in Latin America, pulling in a revenue of $1.5 billion in 2018,1 there’s plenty of room for new games in the market. The prime platform for gaming is the mobile phone.

Mobile phone usage is extremely popular in Brazil – the average Brazilian spends 4h 45 min4 each day browsing the web on their mobile phones. 66% of the population are mobile internet users and 45% of users purchase items online using a mobile device.4

Precisely because of its significant smartphone usage, Brazil is one of the main markets that drive revenue for apps in the world.

Want to bring your app or game to Brazil?

Brazil has the market, the demand, and the numbers.

English proficiency is varied throughout the country. By localizing your products, you can tap into a larger share of the market.

All you need is the product and a passionate translator to help you.