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Want to bring your app to Brazil?

Brazil is the 13th largest games market in the world, and the largest games market in Latin America.


There’s no better time than now. Sales of apps and mobile devices in Brazil are soaring. Right now, the most popular app in Brazil is WhatsApp, with the country accounting for 19.91% of its users.1 As for the country’s most popular app category, that’s pretty easy to guess: social.

Regardless of your category, there’s plenty of space for your app in the Brazilian market. The most important factor is ensuring your materials are all translated in a way that feels natural, speaks to your target audience, aligns with their culture, and meets compliance requirements.

I deliver accurate, glitch-free IT and app translations that drive interest and power profits.

Some of the types of documents I translate:

Press releases


User guides

Apps (iOS and Android)

Software, technical and IT videos

Training videos and documentation

And more!


Ensure your game goes global.

The demand for gaming is huge in Brazil – and continually growing. But here’s the catch: in order for your game to be a success in this country, it needs to be localized and translated specifically for the Brazilian market.

75.7 million Brazilians are gamers.2 That means you have a huge potential audience that are readily available to play your game and push your product further up the ladder.

As an avid gamer with over a decade of industry experience and equipped with the latest technology, two internet connections and regular back-ups, your gaming materials are in expert hands.

With methodical planning and careful execution, I can help your game go global and skyrocket your ROI.

Some of the types of documents I translate:

User interfaces


In-game dialogues


And more!